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About Yours Truly


Okay, so I figure some of you are wondering "What does TKB stand for??" 

So I'm going to star off with that. :)

TKB stands for:

The King's Bookworm

It means that I am a child of God... and I LOVE books! :)

I actually didn't think up this name... my oldest-youngest sis did. It was thought up when I got my first blog/website when I was 16 or 17... the website might still be up, but I'm not leaving a link to it. It's atrocious. ;) I've tried changing the name before... maybe to something more towards a photography bent. But it's never worked. Like the time I tried "Peanut Butter on Hot Dogs". I don't like peanut butter on hot dogs, it just has a story behind it. :D 

So anyway... onward and upward...

::About Moi::

Now... about the authoress, yours truly, the blogger, the photographer... whatever you want to call me (within reason, of course).


 I am a 21 yr old homeschool graduate... conservative... Christian. I am the oldest of 10 kids. I wear skirts... not because pants are "horrible", but because I just find skirts more comfy. I am random, passionate, talkative, and love spending time with family and friends. If you were to judge how "rich" I was, based off of friends, I'd be a trillionaire... although trillions would NEVER replace my friends. 

Friends and family and Jesus are what makes the world spin round for me. Well, okay, and stories (books/movies) and photography. But I digress. :) Like I said... I'm random. Rabbit trails happen. :)

I LOVE books (the Bible being at the top of the list). Some of my favorite books are Christy; LoTR; Emerald Ballad Series; and Beverly Lewis books... among a lot of others. :) I find it interesting that my family still gets surprised by how fast I read. I read fast enough to where you could almost say I swallow books in a sense. :) Kind of like when a kids eat their food so fast you have to ask "Did you even taste it?! What did you do - inhale it?!"

I basically love stories... books and movies. A wide, ranging, selection of generas. I hate Twilight and Harry Potter, so no, I have not read any of the books. I've watched the first Twilight, and that was more than enough... plus people's obsession with it disgust me. 

Photography is a very big passion of mine. I've never taken lessons... all my photography has just been "hands on" learning for me. When I was 6, my sister (who thought up the title for this blog) and I, each got a Fisher Price film camera as presents from my parents.  Then, at 12 yrs. I upgraded to a little point & shoot Kodak camera (a Christmas gift from my grandparents). It wore out after a few years... and I didn't have a camera that worked properly for a while. Then last year I saved up enough "moula" to buy myself a "dream"... a Canon Rebel XS. Not the newest model, doesn't take video, refurbished... but I was my dream come true. 

Politics are something that I alternate between being interested in and getting drove up the wall. Just take a look at the news and you'll know why. I'm not even going to bother getting on my soap box for this subject, cause if you think differently from me (I am Liberatarian/Tea Party/Republican), then you are welcome to. It's a country of free speech. You have your political views and I have mine. Just please don't try and press your views on me. 

Hmmm... the whole "staying off the soap box" thing didn't work. ;) 

So... any who... that's me in a nutshell... kind of. Have a fantabulous day/night, friends! :)

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