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Monday, April 19, 2010


I got this tag from Libby who tagged anyone who doesn't have Facebook.  I don't, obviously (yippee!).
1. How many toes do you have?
Is ten a good number?

2. How many bones have you broken?
None, thank goodness!

3. Name an epic thing that you have done.

I flew on a jet plane once and got myself locked in the plane bathroom. I started panicing (typical of me when I was 12) and began pushing the attendant call button very fast and repeatedly, thinking, for some reason, that it would unlock the door (remember I was panicking!).  I got out by the attendant coming and unlocking the door (since I was pushing the button).  That was one of the most epic moments of my life.

4. If you had a pet lemming, what would you name him?


5. What color are the clothes you're wearing right now?

Purplish/Blue short sleeved ankle-length dress.

6. How awesome are orca whales on a scale of one to ten?
Oh, how about a 5.

8. How old do you want to be when you die?
As old as God wants me to be, but I'd prefer to get married and have my own kiddos first. :)

9. Name a pet peeve and an addiction.
One pet peeve?!! Haha.  I could give you ten!  Let's see... the absolutely atrocious, immodest, slovenly, (too loose or too tight) clothes for teenagers in today's world. An addiction? I'm addicted to horses and the country.

10. Write a paragraph detailing your life. 100 word minimum.
I was born 19 years ago.  I grew up in the Pacific Northwest.  I prefer my privacy, so I'll give you facts bout myself.  I've gone to church my entire life.  I am a Christian conservative.  I voted last year.  I don't like Obama's healthcare plan.  I don't like rock music.  I don't like foul language.  I don't like the city.  I love the beach.  I love horses.  I love good stories (book or movie).  I love Jane Austen stories.  I love the countryside.  I have watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers nearly 2 dozen times.   I love to go to church and I love my friends at church.  My followers are special. :)  (114 words).

11. Name one thing that isn't really a secret, but that you haven't really gotten around to telling anyone.
I make up stories in my head when I go to bed at night, before I fall asleep that are continuations of books I've read or movies I've watched .

12. Name another pet peeve.
People who use foul language to express them selves.  You don't need to swear in order to exclaim, make a point, etc.

13. Sprechen Sie deutsch?
Huh? Oh, I see... no, I don't speak dutch.  (I hope that's what it's asking! :))

14. Tell a joke.
What man in the bible was the busiest doctor?

Job - he had more patience than anybody.

15. How many of the questions have you answered in a witty manner so far?
Uhh, at least half hopefully.  How many do all of you think I have answered in a witty manner?

16. Compose a haiku.
A haiku has got to be
some of the most boring literature
in the opinion of Stephanie

17. Have you ever noticed how sour candies taste even more sour if you rub them on the side of your tongue?
No.  I don't eat sour candy because I don't like it cause it's sour! :0

18. What book(s) are you reading at the moment?
None other than "So Much More" by the Botkin Sisters.  I'll probably start reading something soon. :0

19. How many doors are there in your house?
Let me think... 10 doors!

20. How would you solve a problem like Maria?
How do you keep a wave upon the sand?

21. Think of something about yourself. Anything. Go on, think of it.
I like food.

22. What's wrong with your legs?
NOTHING!!! Mind your own business.

24. What's your favorite show tune?
Wallace and Gromit theme song.

25. Okay, you can tell us what that first thing you thought of for number 21 was. We all want to know.
I am so weird!

I tag anyone who likes hot dogs or eggs (or both; not at the same time of course!)


Graydon L said...

Deutsch (pronounced "doysh") = German

Sprechen sie deutsch? = do you speak German?

just an fyi :)

Näna said...

Hey, Stephanie.

Check out my post tomorrow. I got an award for ya.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for letting me know, Graydon! *sheepish smile* But just to let y'all know, I don't know German either. :)