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Monday, August 30, 2010

Guinevere's Blog Party and Questions

 Guinevere over at Singing in the Rain is hosting a blog party and Giveaway!! The prizes are: 1st - makeover from Robin Blogs, 2nd - winner's choice of any extra from Awel Prince's Inspire' Designs Studio, and 3rd - their choice of any extra from Nana's Boutique Window!! Hurry and enter - just click on the button below or the one on the sidebar - it ends September 8th!!

1. What has been your favorite part of summer so far?
My trip to Virginia! You can see the pictures I've posted so far of that trip... the rest are a working progress. :)

2. What is your favorite part of autumn?
The leaves changing colors. And curling up in front of the fire with a good book and a cup of spiced cider!

3. Raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens?
Hmm... I like roses and kittens, but I think I'll go with kittens. :) 

4. Describe your dream house.
Somewhere in the South-Eastern part of the United States, in the country on a few acres (enough to farm and be self-sustainable).  I want it to be large and have enough room for me to have several families over at once, but not so large as that I can't keep up with it.  About 5 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, living room, family/sun room, dining room, LARGE kitchen, wrap around porch and patio. Also a creek, swimming pool (I LOVE swimming), barn, horses, chickens, etc. Also be able to decorate and theme each room (apples in the kitchen, duckies in the kid's bathroom, seashore in another, toile in my bedroom, etc.)

5. What's your favorite movie?
Hahaha... I'm just laughing to myself, because you just had to ask this question! :) I have quite a few favorites, but I'll try and pick one... let's see... how about the BBC Emma that came out in 2009?  I love it!!

6. Quote something from the book you most recently read:
"I suppose there's a time in practically every young boy's life when he's affected by that wonderful disease of puppy love."
 ~ from Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls 

7. What do you like/not like about my blog?
I absolutely adore the design of your blog makeover that Awel Prince did for you! 

8. Rain or shine?
Shine, shine, shine!

9. The worst grammatical mistake, in your opinion:
Saying "like" in the wrong context... it's one of my pet peeves! 

10. If you had a choice, would you want to live: in the mountains, in a rainforest, on a prairie, or by the beach?
This is a toss up between the mountains and the beach... but I think I'll choose the beach.

11. What character from a book would you say you are most like?
Christy Huddleston from Christy by Catherine Marshall.

12. Be constantly talking the rest of your life or not be able to communicate in any way for the rest of your life?
Oh my goodness!! If I wasn't able to communicate for the rest of my life, I think I'd die sooner!! I'd rather talk the rest of my life!!

13. Owl City or Switchfoot?

14. Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez?

15. Your pet peeve?
Which one should I pick? All right... I HATE the droopy pants and loose shirts of so many young men in today's world, and the tight, belly showing clothes of the girls (not to mention bikinis!!)!! 

16. What's your favorite font?
Wow... I don't really have one. It depends on what I'm using it for. One of the ones I like is your header font. I don't like Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica, Trebuchet, or Verdana, just to name a few.

17. How are you educated? (i.e. homeschooled, public schooled, private schooled)
Home schooled all the way! There's no other way I'd have it!

18. Do you consider yourself tomboy-ish or feminine?
I used to consider myself a mix of the two, but I'm definitely feminine now (I'm the Birkenstock sandal, tiered skirt, laid back feminine - although I love to ooh and aah over wedding dresses, period dresses, etc.)!!

19. What's your favorite song?
You sure do like to ask hard questions (at least for me to answer)! Amazing Grace, I'll Fly Away, Dueling Violins, Me and God, Country Road, the list goes on...

20. Did you enjoy answering these questions?
Yes... they were challenging!!:) Thank you Guinevere!

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Jessica said...

Hello Miss Stephanie,
I am delighted to inform you that you are the official winner of Safirewriter's book giveaway. :D
Please leave a comment on my blog with you name and address I will not publish it but get the book off to you as soon as I can.

Have a wonderful day!