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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Book Reviews... Lot's of 'em!!

Recently, I finished reading something like... 3 or 4 books! Which included "The Princess Adelina", that I won from Jessica at Safirewriter not too long ago. All synopsis' are from Amazon (the links go to those books at Amazon; just click on each title) because I'm not very good at writing synopsis' without giving away too much of the plot.  My ratings are judged off of how clean the book is (language, etc.), plot, characters, and appeal. The ages that I recommend these books for are my own opinion only, and I base it off of subject material and reading difficulty.

The Princess Adelina
by Julie Sutter

My rating: *****

Synopsis (from Amazon): From eighth-century Germany comes the stirring tale of Princess Adelina, a virtuous young woman determined to fulfill God's call on her life. The daughter of an Irish missionary to the German people, Adelina's world is turned upside-down when a young pagan ruler, Hedan of Thuringia, falls in love with her and commands that she become his bride. As a wedding gift, Hedan promises Adelina that he will allow Christians within Thuringia to worship and evangelize freely, spreading the Gospel among his people. But Hedan's mother, Geila, hates both Adelina and Christianity, stopping at nothing to subvert her daughter-in-law and stamp out the fledgling German Culdee church.


I really, really enjoyed this book. I can't say how much. It is a good, clean, book that makes you seethe when you hear how gentle, innocent Adelina is being treated, and rejoice when... well, I'll leave you to read the book to find out, but this story show how God can work in the most stubborn and evil person's life. I would recommend this book for 12 and up because of some difficult words to pronounce - or it could be a read aloud for the whole family.

Now before I leave this book to go to the next, I want to point out something interesting... the picture on the front of The Princess Adelina  looked strangely familiar to me.  It looked a lot like Baron Bomburst's castle from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  When I researched it, I found out it was the exact same castle!!  It's a castle in Germany...

It's the Neuschwanstein Castle -
in Hohenschwangau, Schwangau, Bavaria, Germany to be exact.  Quite a mouthful!! :)

Song of the Silent Harp
by BJ Hoff

My rating:*****

Synopsis (from Amazon): In Ireland, Nora Kavanagh has lost her husband and young daughter, and now lives in fear of losing her home. She and her young son, Daniel, have only one hope for survival, the poet/patriot—and love of Nora’s youth--Morgan Fitzgerald. But his dangerous involvement with a band of Irish rebels keeps him in constant danger and puts the possibility of a future for him and those he loves in jeopardy.

Michael Burke, a close childhood friend of both Nora and Morgan, left his homeland for America and is now a New York City policeman. A widower with a difficult, rebellious son, he still remembers Nora with love and fondness and wants nothing more than to help her escape the cataclysmic famine and build a new life…with him.


This book had some sad parts to it that brought me close to tears (and books rarely do that to me) because the characters were so... real.  I've never experienced a famine, and never been in these situations or had these peoples troubles and personalities, but the way the characters and story is written, it just seems to draw you into the story. For me I felt as though I had been there - could see everything in my mind's eye.  And I'm one of those people who loves Ireland and Scotland, and dreams of someday visiting those places.  I would recommend this book for the young adult level and up... because of material - it's not a kid's book, obviously.

I got started on this series when I read the last book an aunt of mine let me borrow, so I know the ending to the series, but nonetheless, I'm interested (maybe captivated is closer to the truth) in the series anyway. So here's my review of the last book.

Dawn of the Golden Promise
by BJ Hoff

My rating:*****

Synopsis (from Amazon): Morgan Fitzgerald, is confined to a wheelchair because of an assailant's bullet to his spine. Now he must confront the ultimate challenge to his faith a choice that could cost him everything the woman he loves, his family, even his life.

His wife Finola, faces her own moment of truth the hidden memories and dark secrets of her past that could well destroy her - unless she can find the strength to face them.

Michael Burke, is a New York City cop caught in the conflict between his faith and his obsession with bringing Patrick Walsh to justice.


I won't say too much, so as to let out plot, but once again this books characters were so real and I wanted to help the characters with their struggles and decisions and bring the "bad guys" to justice. And this one did make me cry at the end (it includes Morgan and his life changing choice). And again I recommend this for young adult and up for the same reasons.

I am just reading the second book, "Heart of the Lonely Exile", (which I love so far) so I will be reviewing that soon, as well.

The Missing
by Beverly Lewis

My rating: ****

Synopsis (from Amazon): Twenty-one-year-old Grace Byler longs to find her missing mother and to uncover the secret that drove her to leave them three weeks before. Grace suspects the reason has to do with her father and his reserved, uncommunicative ways. This conviction led Grace to break off her betrothal to her quiet, staid beau, and she is now resigned to remain single. But when the young Amishman she thought was courting her best friend takes a sudden interest in her, Grace is befuddled and wonders if he can be trusted. "Englisher" Heather Lang has come to Amish country to relive fond memories of her mother and to contemplate a grave medical prognosis of her own. While in Bird-in-Hand, Heather meets Grace Byler and the two young women strike up a fast friendship, amazed by how well they click. Following the only clue they have, Grace and Heather travel together in hopes of finding Grace's mother and bringing her home. Will they find what they're looking for...or something much more?


I liked this book, but it went a little too slowly for my taste and it didn't keep my interest nearly as well as Beverly's other books, thus the 4 star rating. The book was good - hope I didn't give the impression it was bad - the plot just needed to speed up.  I would recommend this book for young adult and up. 

The Telling
by Beverly Lewis

My rating: *****

Synopsis (from Amazon): Lewis picks up the story of Grace and Heather as they travel to Ohio to find Lettie and convince her to return to Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania. Lettie ponders both long-ago choices and her more recent decision to leave home and family behind on a quest to find her long-lost daughter. Meanwhile, Heather hopes a sojourn at the alternative-healing Wellness Center will help her deal with her debilitating illness, while Judah searches his soul for reasons Lettie may have left him and vows to do better, should she return.


This book was much better than second book (see The Missing, above).  There was more happening and the plot seems to move faster.  I really, really liked this book.  This is the last book of the series, and Lewis wraps it up quite nicely.  I love the ending, especially.  And I would say this is a young adult and up book.

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I am so glad that you enjoyed Princess Adelina. You did a lovely book review!