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Friday, October 29, 2010

Jo's Fiesta de Octobre!!

Jo March is hosting a Fiesta de Octobre (Many of you know already), and these are my answers to her questions... 

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{1} It's nearly impossible to pick a favorite book, so what are your top THREE favorite books ? (other than the Bible :D)
Hmm... I would have to say... Christy by Catherine Marshall, Sweet Briar by Brenda Wilbee, and American Anthem by BJ Hoff.
{2} Who is your favorite heroine from literature? (if you need to list more than one, that's fine)
 Christy Huddleston (from Christy), Elizabeth Bennet (from Pride and Prejudice), Louisa Boren Denny(from Sweet Briar), Jo March (from Little Woman)
{3} Who is your favorite hero from literature? (see above note)
 Mr.Darcy (from Pride and Prejudice), Aurthur Clennam (from Little Dorrit), Gilbert (from Anne of Green Gables), Mr.Knightley (from Emma), Sam Gamgee (from LoTR), Neil McNeil (from Christy)
{4} Who is your favorite author? (see note above)
BJ Hoff, Beverly Lewis, C.S. Lewis, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen
{5} What is your favorite type of book to read? 
Either mystery or adventure.
{6} If you could be a character from literature for one day, who would you be? Why?
Maybe Christy Huddleston, because I'm like her so much and well... I love the story. Or else I would want to be Louisa Boren Denny because she was the wife of one of the founders of Seattle, and it would be so neat to be able to go back in time and see what it looked like before the city made the landscape ugly.
{7} What type of reader would you call yourself? Are you an avid reader, passive reader, or even a non-reader??
An AVID READER!! In caps!!
{8} Do you like reading aloud?
No, not normally.
{9} Do you like mystery stories?
Oh, yes!
{10}All of us have read a book at some point or another and disliked the way it ended or who married who, etc. What book(s) bother you like that, and what would you change about them? 
Hmm... I can't really think of one. I do wish that the end of Christy elaborated a little more.

{11} Just like books, it's *very* hard to pick a favorite movie. What are you top THREE favorite movies?
Secondhand Lions, Emma (BBC miniseries from 2009), Little Dorrit (BBC miniseries from 2008)... these are not all of my favorite movies by far!! :)
{12} When it comes to movie adaptions of books, are you a purist or do you not mind changes to the storyline?
I am mostly purist on adaptions!
{13} What is your favorite book-to-movie adaption?
Possibly Little Women ('94 version), or else Emma (2009 BBC miniseries) 
{14} What is your favorite type of movie to watch?
I like to watch a movie where a character(s) life changes in some way that is drastic and doesn't leave them the same as when the story begins. 
{15} Do you like to watch movies with the lights off or on?
I think it would be kind of cool with the lights off, but we normally just leave the lights on because it's better for your eyes.
{16} DVD or VHS?
Haha... DVD! I'm laughing to myself because we have some VHS tapes we haven't been able to watch, so we hooked our VHS player back up... except the little kids don't know what VHS is!! :) 
They wanted to know where the menu was, and if we had to stop a tape, they'd suggest that we just position memorize!! It was too funny! :)
{17} When you watch a movie, would you rather watch it straight through or skip around to your favorite scenes?
Watch it straight through!! :)
{18} Subtitles?
Depends... we did it the other day with the "Incredibles" and found out some characters were saying when they were talking fast or mumbling, or something like that.
{19} Do you make comments and ask questions during a movie, or sit in complete silence?
That really depends on how thick the plot is, and whether or not we've watched it before.
{20} If you could be in any movie (whether it's already been made or not) which movie would it be? Who would you want to be and why?
Now, I'm really laughing, because I've made up continuing stories in my mind for almost every movie I've watched... and I'm almost always the heroine. Sound familiar anyone?  But to answer the question... I might want to be Little Dorrit because she's so sweet and the characters around her (and even her herself) are so complex and interesting. 

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