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Thursday, December 23, 2010

8 Question Tag from Emily Grace

1. What was your most memorable birthday and why? 
Hmm. They all seem special in their own way. Possibly the birthday coming up soon... my 20th!! :)

2. What was the craziest gift you have ever received?
It's a tie between the fake 1,000,000 dollar bill (I thought it was real at first... boy, am I gullible!) and a bunch of everyday rocks wrapped in tissue paper.

3. What was the most outlandish birthday cake you've ever had?
I don't know that I've had any outlandish ones. Possibly the fanciest I remember was one that I made. It was shaped like a heart (two layer) and was decorated in pink and white with little pink roses.

4. What was the most embarrassing thing you've ever had to do in order to open a present?
Well, when one of my uncles wrap a present, he almost hermetically seals it with scotch tape on all the seams and  folds. This makes it really hard to open. I think it's taken most people anywhere from 5-10 minutes to open these presents. Including me. Using scissors.

5. What was the most thoughtful thing anyone has done for you on your birthday?
Hmm. I got to spend the night at an aunt's house once... someone always tries to do something special every year.

6. Does your family have a 'Birthday Tradition?'
We let the birthday person choose dinner and a movie to watch. 

7. What is something you do/receive on every one of your birthdays?
Umm... well the answer to #6 is something I do. Also, if my birthday happens to be on a weekend, then we have my birthday party.

8. What are you planning for your next birthday? (or are you like me and haven't even thought of tomorrow much less it...)
Well, I really haven't planned anything. But I'm kind of looking forward to it. I'll be turning 20, so it just seems kind of amazing that I'm that old.

Ok, now for my questions:

1. Do you tend to be random when you post on a blog, talk, etc.? Or do you tend to stick to one subject?

2. Do you ever play "house" with little siblings? Who do you normally end up being chosen as (mom, aunt, daughter, etc.)?

3. When you wake up in the morning, do you tend to bounce out of bed, or do you gradually lay there for a few minutes?

4. Which are you better at - writing or reading?

5. Do you like rainy days or sunny?

6. If you had to go somewhere and had the choice of walking, riding a horse, or riding a bike, which would you choose?

7. What movie (you can say your top three, if you want) have you seen the most amount of times?

8. Do you laugh during sad parts in a movie (to keep yourself from crying) or do you just cry? How easily do you cry?

I tag (and please leave a link to the tag post you do):
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Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!!!

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