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Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Follow Me, Boys!"

I recently watched a movie with my family that we'd never seen before - and now I have a new favorite movie called...

Follow Me, Boys! (1966)

 Rating: 4 3/4 star

Synopsis: Lemuel Siddons is part of a traveling band, although he's always dreamed of being a lawyer. But he's thinking he's done with traveling when the band's bus stops at the small town of Hickory. He wants to "put down roots", he says. He finds a job as a clerk at the general store in town. Trying to fit in - and impress a certain Miss Vida Downey - he volunteers to start up a Boy Scouts troop and be the troop leader. Not only that but it also keeps the town's boys busy. As the years progress with Lem getting married to Vida, being a scoutmaster, helping a troubled boy, and the dream of becoming a lawyer gets postponed, Lem realizes - his life has been fulfilled by giving his time and effort to his friends in Hickory.

Starring: Fred MacMurray, Kurt Russell, Vera Miles

This story is jam packed with good rich values. Not to mention the character driven plot. It is a glimpse of the good ol' days when values were upheld and instilled in the children. I just love this movie. Yes, the theme song gets stuck in your head, but oh well. You just have to watch it to know what I mean.

 I must say though, that besides Lem Siddons, the next most driving character in the story would have to be Whitey. Kurt Russell does an outstanding job playing Whitey. He is a sympathetic character, in my eyes. He acts tough but he really is sweet. He's also very loyal once you get him on your side. Once again - watch the movie then you'll understand.

 Lem Siddons is played by Fred MacMurray. His character is complex and simple at the same time. He's a man you could look up to. His childhood background is what makes him be able to relate to Whitey so well. Him and Whitey are both proof that a kid with a rough life can turn out to be one of the most trustworthy, devoted, hardworking, honorable person you'd ever meet.

And yes, even though this movie has a serious point to it, it also has good clean humor. Like when some soldiers are getting trained nearby and playing in the war games - with hilarious results when Lem and his troop get tangled in the midst of these "games".

The above picture was the only one I could find from the movie that has Vida in it.

 The movie uses 2 hours to go from 1930 to the 1950's and shows Lem getting a new troop every so often as the boys grow up.

 And surprise, surprise... Duane Chase (aka Kurt von Trapp) from Sound of Music is in this film as one of the original Boy Scout troop. Apparently Duane played in only three films - "Sound of Music", "Follow Me, Boys!", and a tv series called "The Big Valley" (which I've never heard of or seen). 

 Well, I hope you enjoyed this review! :) Oh, and have any of you seen this?

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Reilly Clan 13 said...

We watched this for the first time not that long ago and I agree it is a great movie.