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Friday, January 28, 2011

20 Years and 20 Random Things

So, a little while ago I had a birthday. And not just any birthday - but my 20th birthday! I've been wanting to post some random things about myself for fun, and decided "Hey, I turned 20. How about 20 random things?" So here they are... in all their randomness (and sometimes ridiculousness). :)

1. You can count on me burning myself 9 out of 10 times I cook. It's inevitable - especially when I bake, or cook anything that has grease.

2. The only thing I put on my hot dog bun is mayo. I don't like ketchup, mustard, or relish. And you can't convince me otherwise (trust me, my siblings have been trying for years).

3. I read really fast. I can read authors like Jane Austen and books like Anne of Green Gables at about a page per minute.

4. When I was little (around 2 years or so) my hair formed natural tiny ringlets all over my head (kind of like Shirley Temple). People would even ask my mom if she permed my hair. Oh, and I hated having my hair brushed... but I love doing it now! My mom is so surprised that I love to play with hair as much as I do. :)

5. I used to seem to have at least one embarrassing moment a week. Like the time when I ran into a glass door at the bank. Or the time I locked myself in the bathroom on the airplane and in my panic I thought that the call button was the unlock button - and started hammering away on the call button like as if my life depended on it!! Yes, that really did happen.

6. I have filled two journals, and am currently using two.

7. I can not crochet anything worth looking at (unless it's just one long single chain), even if you paid me. But I can knit though! :)

8. I love going to Value Village or Goodwill! I could spend all afternoon there just looking through stuff.

9. I am what you would call a night owl, but I don't like the dark (unless I'm sleeping).

10. I was independently home schooled my entire school years.

11. When I was little I would bother animals (getting in their faces, teasing them mercilessly, etc.) to where they hated me. Amazing thing is... I'm told that now I'm great with animals!

12. I used to draw horses all over my schoolwork papers. Not that I was supposed to...

13. I used to think that when I grew up, if I got a job, I'd get one that I didn't have to use math with, cause I hated it. That was before I knew... you can't sew without using math, and I love to sew!

14. Before I was 12, I couldn't wait to be 12 for two reasons: 1) I couldn't wait to get my 12 year old shots, and 2) I thought it was sooo grown up! Haha! Riiiggght!

15. I used to be extremely gullible... though I'm not as bad as I used to be. If you could tell me something with a straight face and say it matter of fact, then my usual response would be "What? Really?!".  Now I've reversed rolls and I'm the one with the straight face and a younger sibling is usually the gullible one. :)

16. I am sometimes easy to scare, especially when I'm caught unawares. Although it backfired once, when my sister Carrie tried to scare me. We were probably around 10-12 years of age (there's two years separating us). Carrie was hiding in our bedroom closet. I walked in and went to open the closet door (she told me after wards she wasn't planning on me opening the closet door). When I opened it there was Carrie - and of course I screamed. And my screaming scared Carrie so bad, that she screamed... yeah, so don't always count on your plans going the way you wanted. :)

17. When I start a project it's very hard for me to be convinced to take a break. Once I start a project, I want to finish it! I guess I just like the finished product better than bits and pieces waiting around for me to do them and taunting me every time I see them.

18. I can not stand incomplete or incompetent work. If you're going to do a job, do it well!!

19. I used to hate research. And organizing. And looking things up in the dictionary. Now I love that kind of thing!

20. I love to create. I love to draw, paint, etc. I just love art. I also love to change my blog background every once in a while... but for those of you who have been following me at least for the past month will know that. :)

Well those are the 20 random things about me for my 20 very interesting years. Hope you enjoyed (and laughed)!


Carrie said...

Hey Steph,

Well, I was actually planning on you opening the closet door, but you didn't do it right away, like I must've been figuring you would. Then, I was there in the closet trying to figure out what to do... if I should jump out and scare you, or wait till you opened the closet. But, yes, you were so scared looking, that I got scared too!


Näna said...

That is the first I've ever heard of someone not being able to wait to get their shots:)

Happy belated birthday!