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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Abortion is NEVER the Right Answer

Recently I was reading the newest magazine of WORLD, a Christian world view magazine. The cover story was about the 37th Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. Now I have always been pro-life, but it wasn't until I was older and began to understand more what being pro-life was all about, that I became more angry at the disregard some people had for life. Abortion is murder - there is no way in getting around it. The baby starts growing at conception. The heart starts beating around 6 weeks along. And abortions normally happen after someone is 6 weeks along. So if the heart starts beating at around 6 weeks and the abortion happens after that, doesn't that sound like murder to you?

There was a map in the magazine showing how many abortion centers were in each state. California had over 500, and New York was the second highest with over 300!! To just give you a glimpse at how bad it is in New York here's an excerpt from the article "Red Zone Defense" from the January 29, 2011 issue from WORLD Magazine:

"Much needs to be done throughout the United States, particularly in those states and cities that remain abortion havens. One set of statistics released early this month shows the problem: The New York City Health Department reported that four out of every 10 pregnancies in the Big Apple ended in abortion in 2009: some 87,273 abortions and 126,774 live births.

Overall, New York City's abortion rate is more than twice the national average of 19 percent. On the eve of Black History Month, the report showed the damage to be greatest among African-Americans: 60 percent of pregnancies among them led to abortion. The toll among other demographic groups was also large: 41 percent for Hispanics, 22 percent for Asian-Americans, and 20 percent for white women."

Wow! This whole article left me breathless and wondering... how in the world can the so called "doctors" who perform these abortions even call themselves doctors? Doctors are supposed to save lives not end them purposefully! Just take a look at the Hippocratic Oath sometime! Abortion "doctors" do not deserve the title doctor. Abortion doctors are supposed to take the Hippocratic Oath, and yet they abort babies. Sounds like malpractice to me. This is an absolutely horrendous thing people are doing. Abortion needs to be banned... this should not be a choice because abortion is murder. Period. Our society freaks out every time a murder gets out in the news, and yet the same reaction doesn't happen to  all the abortions (or murder of babies) that happen every day. It just shows how depraved our society is. And that is just sad. Also, think about this...

Do you think God would agree with abortion?

P.S. Feel free to comment and tell me your thoughts; I'd love to hear them... but keep it clean!


Elizabeth said...

Hey Stephanie.
There are some very rare(and I mean rare!) cases where things are very dangerous for a mom, and the baby. To the point that either the mom lives(as in the abort the baby) or neither the mom nor the baby live. I have difficulty with these questions my self. I am always thinking "but what is the mom has other little ones that need her."
What are your thoughts on this?

Abortion is wrong, and sinful! I am in complete agreement! Bur we can not judge some one when we don't know what place they are in. We need to love them as Jesus would have. We should be with them and help them.


PS. I am really shocked and horrified as well with this info!! Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie said...

Yes, you are are right we should love them as Jesus would, but my main problem is the doctors that perform these abortions. I am just shocked that they would call themselves doctors and yet abort babies.

I've heard that basically none of the abortions are necessary to save the mother's life. Being pregnant isn't a sickness. It's natural. And the question "What about the other kids the mother has?" is a good question. Although it does seem as though quite a bit of the abortions are done on unmarried, teenage girls who have no children. I mean if the person doesn't want the baby, put it up for adoption. There are lots of people out there who would adopt them.

Also, some girls don't realize that it actually looks like a baby when it's that young, and when they get shown a ultrasound before they have an abortion, they generally change their mind and don't have the abortion. If that was enacted into federal law, it would probably lower the abortion rates a lot.

Hope this satisfies your question. :)


Carrie said...

I just wanted to comment on a few things...

As far as whether the mother has other children who need her or not, that is, when it comes right down to it, irrelevant in the matter of whether a little baby should live or die. It could be a single mom with a dozen children, and that baby still has the right to live, because God himself gave that baby life; He chose specifically, and specially to form that individual baby, to give it to that individual mother and father, and to have that baby develop. If it was God's will for that baby to not live long in this world, or if He knew that it would be better for the baby to just come home to Him, then He can choose to take that baby home without our help. God never loves death, and I know He does not love it when people kill their own children.

Also, by stating that abortion is wrong, we are not judging anyone, but rather stating what God has already iterated. If I know someone who is planning on murdering their son or daughter, would I be wrong in telling them of God's command to not do it? Should I rather just allow them to commit that horrendous act, thinking that it's their right because it's their child? How is that any different?

Another thing - loving people as Jesus did does not mean ignoring their sin. On the contrary, Jesus pointed out sin in people's lives. He didn't ignore it. And, the best way to help someone is not encouraging them to do what they think is best; rather, it is encouraging them to obey God's commands.

It would be sin on our part to stand by and watch millions of people murder their children without saying a word, and yet this is what is happening today. Some people have a problem with having a law against abortion, because it would supposedly be encroaching on our personal freedom, but God does not give us the freedom to murder others, rather He specifically tells us not to.

Also, another way of thinking of it: we have no right to stop God in the middle of his project. Imagine that your father was working on a great project. He was spending every hour of every day for 9 months, just working on this one project. Imagine that he wrote you a letter, telling you how wonderful the finished product would be. That when he was finished, he was going to entrust this thing to you, to care for. That this thing was priceless, intricate, well-thought out, and especially designed out of love and delight for you. Then, would you think it right to barge in one day to where your father was working, with a battle axe, and rip and hack away at his project, and tell him to his face that you didn't care about his gift to you, and you didn't want it. That you had the right to stop him and wreck his project, and ruin it even, telling him that it was your right to do this, even though he hadn't actually finished it for you yet? That he had to stand idly by and just watch you obliterate his so precious, fine, lovely, and pleasing creation? This thing that he had planned out before you were ever born, before you were even a baby in your mother's womb, and waited longingly till the day he could make it for you, and present it to you as a blessing, as a beautiful, priceless gift? Can you imagine doing that to your father?

And yet, this is exactly what so many people, including Christians, are doing to their heavenly Father, and then demanding that He stay out of it, and allow them to do it! How selfish and prideful!

Anyway, this ended up being long, but I suppose you could say that I am very passionate about this. Maybe I will do my own post about this. =)


Stephanie said...

Thank you so much for commenting. I couldn't have said it better. But then again you've kinda always been better at writing than I have. :) I agree with you 150%. I don't disagree with you one iota.


Elizabeth said...

Thank you for responding to my comment. I agree that abortion is wrong! I didn't mean for it to sound like I was saying pregnacey was a sickness. I didn't mean that at all. I think it is a beautiful thing(not a ways easy but beautiful all the same)
Thank you again for responding. It has helped a little. I think I will still struggle with this question of mine, but this has helped! I think we all have those questions that we struggle with and are not sure. It is like when I was little and I wondered if God was real. Now I know God is real! :)
Thanks again!! :)

Näna said...
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Näna said...

I strongly believe that God creates life and that abortion is never justified. But that's just my personal belief:)

It is frightening even how many clinics we have here in Frederick...something I'm just starting to realize. Terrifying to think what is happening just "next door".